Our Mums

Felice  (Born 1996) is one of our two original alpacas. She is defiantly the matriarch of the herd. She has been a wonderful alpaca, having had twelve cria (five females and seven males). She has given strong dark colours and a healthy input to many of our animals.


Lola (Born 1997) is our favourite (sorry other girls, we know you are all really lovely too!) She is a small girl and has small, but gorgeous, cria. She takes less than 20 minutes to give birth and we have always missed it! She loves apples and will run the length of the field to get an apple core!


Isis (born 1998) is another small alpaca, but produces more fabulous quality fibre than any of our bigger girls. Her spotty fibre is always in demand. She is not a good breeder and we have only managed to rear two live cria from her — but what wonderful animals they are.


The Cow (born 1998) is really named Cleo, but she is very nervous of humans and will spit, kick and generally be awkward, hence the nickname. It’s not her fault — she had a very traumatic importation. She is an excellent mother and has had very high quality (and nicer natured!) cria.


Anthia (Born 1999) is in this section under false pretences — she is not a mum. She is so good with all our crias that we call her Mother Teresa — whenever you see her she is surrounded by youngsters! We knew she was barren but bought her because we loved her—the best reason!


Esmerelda (Born 1999) came to us from a local holiday camp, but she had spent several years visiting us regularly when the campsite was busy. In 2009 she finally gave us a fancy (multi colour) cria, like herself.


Chantelle (Born 2000) is a true rose grey. Her first cria with us was mid brown and white, with touches of grey, until he was sheared. His 2nd coat was rose grey, just like mum. Sadly she miscarried twins in 2009, but is mum to Esme this year.


Chloe (Born 2001) is a solid white. Her 2007 cria (Mullacott Lloyd) is doing very well in the show world – hopefully a stud to look out for in the future! Lloyd’s full sister Ellie is for sale from us. Chloe is a friendly animal, but can be protective of her cria.


Beatrice (Born 2003) is one of Felice’s daughters. I think she must be camera shy — I never get a good photo of her! Her cria have been black, fawn and medium brown. She stays black (no bleaching), but has a touch of grey now.


Grace (Born 2004) is really a friendly girl (not as cross as her photo looks!) She is granddaughter to Felice. Her first three cria were female, one black, one mid brown and one fawn. This year she had a creamy white boy MacaPaca.


Jo Jo (Born 2005) is another daughter of Felice. Her first cria arrived in December 2007 (15 months after her last mating — Simon says our boy definitely didn’t get to her!) The sire (Bingo) is mid brown but the cria was white—a snowy shock!


Pinky (Pink Inca — Born 2005) is an example of love at first sight — I saw her, she came up to me and gave me a kiss…. She is now part of our herd! She is the only alpaca we have that will let you stroke her in the field.

Amber (Born 2006) is Lola’s daughter. We always said if Lola has a girl we will keep her—cria number six was female (and 7 & 8 & 9!) Amber is just like Lola, a little less saggy around the middle but otherwise almost identical— a favourite in waiting!


Tia (Born 2006) is the colour of Tia Maria, so dark brown she’s almost black. She is Esmerelda’s daughter. Her sire was white so her colour was surprise to us. Mr Tumnus is her 2010 cria.


Coral (Born 2007) is our youngest mum. She is well grown. She is Pinky’s daughter and also comes up to give kisses, especially when mum is nearby for confidence!