Our Alpacas

All our alpacas are really pets, although many are show quality. We know them all by name and by their individual characters. Read their individual profiles to find out what they are really like! We have breeding girls and stud boys that are with us permanently, whilst we usually sell all their offspring.

Each alpaca is listed by name – we always use names, rather than ear tag numbers or registration numbers. In fact we have the animal’s name on their ear tag, instead of the number, as that is the way we recognise them. You can have a look at who is related to who by using the links and search function.

image410Our Mums

Details of our mums and mums to be, are listed here. There are also a few permanent female residents of our herd, even though they may not be having cria.
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image584 Our Stud Boys
We have several unrelated stud boys which we use to sire our cria. One advantage of keeping a stable herd of breeding females, and selling their cria, is that we always have a choice of suitable stud males. We generally allow the stud to run with a selected group of females for a few weeks, rather than supervising mating, as this seems to be more productive (and is less work for us!)

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image5671 Latest Arrivals
Have a look at our most recent Cria here and keep tabs on them as they develop
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alpaca-badge Alpacas For Sale!
This pages is linked directly to the national Alpaca Finder Website, so this list of animals is always kept up to date. If you have a special requirement then please let us know as we may be able to match an animal to you.
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Former Alpaca Residents

When an alpaca goes to a new home, or passes away, they are not forgotten, often their relatives remain, so these pages will let you see former residents of the farm.