18th May 2014: Muffin (son of Grace and Bingo) is born. 1st Cria of the year.

18th April 2014: Herbie, Antonio and Christopher are off to their new home in Chichester next week. They join Mullacott bred alpacas Frank, Filius and Duke.

26th March 2014 -┬áSadly we found Lola had died overnight. Yesterday she was eating carrots (I didn’t have any apple cores!) with the rest of the girls. She had no signs of illness. A post mortem showed advanced cancer. She was 17 – a good age for an alpaca. She will always be remembered and lives on in Amber, Nikki and Fizz.

March 2014: Pumpkin and her cria Pixie have joined the herd from Butterfurlong Alpacas

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